• Cass Rulon-Miller


November 18, 2020

I started these letters back on April 14th about a month after our first pandemic shut down. When I volunteered to do this project, I truly thought I would only be writing these letters for about two to three months. Well, as the saying goes, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.”

To be truthful, up to this moment, I had nothing uplifting to share or advice on how to cope with all that has been going on in our country and the world. I, like I’m sure most of you, am emotionally exhausted by it all. But God does provide, even if it is through social media.

I saw this post and felt compelled to share it with you because so many times, when we are in the midst of a crisis, it’s difficult to discern what to do next. I know I “plan” to do this list every day while also being gentle with myself if I am not perfect in completing it. I hope you will join me in the effort. I have faith doing these things will help us all feel a little better. And if you have difficulty with the last task, I suggest going to the link below, or any other YouTube video that has kids in it.


Shower if needed

Take medication when needed

Drink water

Clean one thing/space

Tend to something growing/living

Be mindfully present to:

sound or song

a sensory feeling

something you see

a spiritual practice

Reach out to a human outside your home

Do one thing to get your heart rate up

Do one thing you'll be glad you did later

Do one thing just because you want to

Get in at least one good laugh

With love and peace,

Cass Rulon-Miller

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