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“Sunday service keeps me uplifted and mindful of my place in the world throughout the week."

We were drawn to this church from the witty signs and kept showing up every week because of the friendly, welcoming community! This church is really something special; it fosters acceptance as well as continual learning from all of the church member’s different backgrounds. As a lesbian couple we feel comfortable and embraced by the community here, we will continue to spread the love and acceptance that we receive at this church throughout our everyday lives!


I had no intention of joining a church let alone attending one, and yet this is where you can find me most Sundays not to mention Saturdays for the Crochety Knitwits. I was working one day and my small kids dragged my husband into the church service while on a walk. As a family with 2 small children and no family to assist or pinch hit, PWPC immediately welcomed us and our kids into their family. Initially I got babysitters and surrogate grandparents in the deal. Now I have an extended family that I couldn’t live without.


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Helen (mom): I love Penn Wynne because of my pastor who makes me feel so at home. The Word of God that comes from her is very powerful and great, and we all feel like we are family.

Lucy (grandmom): Penn Wynne is not just a church it is like a family. You feel love around everybody.

Joshua (age 10): We’re all family mixed into one and everybody comforts everyone when they are sad and is there for each other.


My friend brought be to Penn Wynne Presbyterian Church during a very dark time in my life so I could find God again. Not only did I find God, but I found an incredible loving and healing community which has lifted my spirit to the point where I can love myself again and feel God’s love everywhere.


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The first time that I walked into Penn Wynne Presbyterian I received such a warm welcome that I immediately felt at home. During worship service, my toddler can go to Sunday School or happily stay in the Sanctuary with me if he chooses. Sunday service keeps me uplifted and mindful of my place in the world throughout the week.

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